And Then There Was None

2 thoughts on “And Then There Was None”

  1. Steve is my brother-in-law (Tricia was my wife’s sister), and is one of the nicest, and most multi-talented people I have had to pleasure to know. These three blogs are all really good (and funny), and I hope he continues to expand on them. I look forward to reading more by good ol Steve, and also to see him again soon. Lynn Bennett

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  2. Steve,
    I really enjoyed reading your first blog and look forward to reading the other two. Never knew you were that heavy into playing. I wish I was around when you playing a lot. I’m sure I would have enjoyed playing with you and your friends. Tricia was a wonderful lady. I have a lot of wonderful memories of our times together. We had a lot of fun at my pizza joint after hours. Music is wonderful and really takes you on a trip in many different ways. I’ve enjoyed my career as a musician. I’ve had a lot of great experiences and met and played with many talented people. As for your writing, I really enjoyed reading your first blog. Keep up the writing and playing. Your buddy ….. geo

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