And Then There Was None

4 thoughts on “And Then There Was None”

  1. Steve is my brother-in-law (Tricia was my wife’s sister), and is one of the nicest, and most multi-talented people I have had to pleasure to know. These three blogs are all really good (and funny), and I hope he continues to expand on them. I look forward to reading more by good ol Steve, and also to see him again soon. Lynn Bennett

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  2. Steve,
    I really enjoyed reading your first blog and look forward to reading the other two. Never knew you were that heavy into playing. I wish I was around when you playing a lot. I’m sure I would have enjoyed playing with you and your friends. Tricia was a wonderful lady. I have a lot of wonderful memories of our times together. We had a lot of fun at my pizza joint after hours. Music is wonderful and really takes you on a trip in many different ways. I’ve enjoyed my career as a musician. I’ve had a lot of great experiences and met and played with many talented people. As for your writing, I really enjoyed reading your first blog. Keep up the writing and playing. Your buddy ….. geo

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  3. Don’t know if this blog is still open, but in your Majestics band you mentioned trombonist Jim Hargis. I was friends with a Jim Hargis in the music department at Georgia State in the early 60s. I have googled his name over the years trying to locate him. This is first hit I ever got. Seems like it would be the same Jim since he played trombone and baritone as a student. Do you have any information on him?


    Doug Looney

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    1. Hello Doug, I haven’t seen or heard from Jim since the last gig we played somewhere in the South East around 1968. Neither he nor the second sax man, Donny, were prone to drinking and hanging out, as were the rest of us in the band.


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