Who is Steve Negri?

12 thoughts on “Who is Steve Negri?”

  1. I think the reason I didn’t go from the Cavaliers to the Jokers was that it was a one guitar band and I seemed to be able to tolerate Mike better . . . who knows. Somewhere shortly after that I started playing bass lines on my guitar and borrowing Bobby’s left handed drums. I used to have to take a head off the bass drum to move the side tom bracket over to play right handed. Those were the days. I guess too that fate must have been in play because somehow I met my best friend, Dave Gallaher, who joined the Cavaliers – hey, this is not my blog! Thanks for the memories bro.


    1. Well Sally, I guess you’ll just have to keep coming back. More will be revealed. :?) There came a turning point in my life when I was in my late thirties. The events that preceded that and what has followed are the content of my life, and it has, by all accounts, been an interesting one. Glad you came to see me. BTW I found the article on your blog “Writing and Promoting a Series” very interesting. It actually speaks to the question you pose in your comment above.

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    1. Funny you should mention that Ray. I was thinking about Paul just this morning, and when I think of Paul I think of you, Jan, Karen and those long lunches you mentioned. I took pictures of three of Paul’s paintings. I was thinking of putting those pix up with a little talk about how I miss that guy. It may be close to time for another trip to MB, and a nice long lunch at Kanes and Wheelchairs.


  2. Is the John Costello the same drummer who played with Ted Trombetta in the ‘Rude Cootee’ band in the 70’s? Inquiring minds want to know. If so, do you have a contact for John? Thanks.


    1. John did indeed play with “Rude Cootee”, and is now playing with Ted Trombetta in the rock band in the sky. He passed several years ago, about 2012 I think, but I may be wrong as to the date.


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